Father Knows Best

Our pet turtle Frankie was hauled inside from his deluxe outdoor habitat and gently placed in his tiny indoor enclosure.

If  box turtles were capable of expressing emotion, he would sigh and say, ” Why in the wetlands do you keep moving me from the comfort of my home into this unnatural cramped space?”

Frankie doesn’t understand cold snaps and human wisdom. All he knows, is every couple of weeks dad scoops him up and moves him to this dreaded place of confinement.

I keep thinking I hear Frankie sighing and quietly begging in his small turtle voice, “Please rescue me from this place!”

I  explain to him why he is there. Telling him that it is another cold night in Florida and dad always knows best. I doubt he understands.

I can almost hear his cry that eerily echoes my own cries of discontentment as I sit in a long season of isolation and confusion,”Please rescue me from this place!”

Then this strange voice of reason resonates reminding me that in our simple, understanding of our surroundings  we can’t always understand why. But if we place ourselves in our Father’s hands, He always knows best.






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