“Do you want to take a peek,” my doctor asked as I sat on the examining table with both my girls sitting next to me.

“Of course!” I excitedly exclaimed exchanging hopeful glances with my oldest, who was sparkling in her seat with silent excitement.

Pulling the ultrasound machine into the room baby girl’s interest was now peaked. After a few long seconds of anticipation, there it was. Our baby!

“I see, I see?” Lily squeaked from her stroller. Anna Kate hurriedly unbuckled her and brought her to the screen.

“That’s our baby.” She explained as her younger sister eagerly watched the barely detectable black and white shadows on the monitor.

“There are the eyes.” My doctor made clear “….And the nose.  Can you see the heart beating?” Our eyes were glued to the screen as we watched this tiny figure bouncing about the small space with purpose and ease, twisting and turning moving inside of me.

Turning to Anna I smiled. She smiled back as we both sat mesmerized staring at the screen.  

Life, truly there is not greater gift! 


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